Guaranteed satellite broadband NewsSpotter for transmission in Full HD


Hollyland Technology provides reliable and great quality wireless transmission solutions. These are devices for video transmission and intercom sets.

Vision sets

The transmitters are characterized no latency and an uncompressed transmission of the video. They are equipped with HD / SDI and HDMI connectors. The 10-channel frequency range allows operation in a variety of conditions. The stable image and the immediate return of the vision in the event of a signal break, cause the work with Hollyland to be comfortable.

Devices operating with ranges from 150m to 600m. After using the appropriate panels, you can increase the range up to 1km.



Intercom provides excellent sound quality within 300m, which can be increased by exchanging antennas. The set has 4 or 8 beltpacks, provides duplex communication and Tally signaling with the function 'preview' and 'program'.