Guaranteed satellite broadband NewsSpotter for transmission in Full HD


The DriveNews™ 77Ka is a fully motorized offset Antenna with a 77 cm reflector and prime focus feed-horn system housed in a POD (Shell) for protection against weather influences and to improve vehicle performance.

The PKM-77Ka Antenna System was especially developed for Ka Band satellite video contribution and IP data communication operation. The lightweight and compact construction makes it possible the installation on any kind of vehicle, even smaller one. The systems comes with automatic controller as standard, which can fully control the system locally or remotely through a very user friendly Windows based Media Exchange System (MES) control software (option). The auto pointing features with the “One Touch” operation capability makes it easy the daily operation in any condition and environment. The perfectly shaped POD (Outer Shell Casing) improves Aerodynamic vehicle driving to quickly and safely reach the Event location, while it also provides weather protection for the Outdoor Electronic Equipment such as BUC and Transceiver.