Guaranteed satellite broadband NewsSpotter for transmission in Full HD


NewsSpotter service is available through KA-SAT satellite and offered by Evercast. It allows to make simple and cost efficient LIVE events transmissions in HD resolution in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Hardware is compact, light and easy it permits to start a broadcast in high quality video signal, images and data during real time from any place only in a few minutes. Ideal for both sporadic and permanent use.

NewsSpotter, the service on demand secures trouble-free integration with IP networks without a necessity of any infrastructure.


There are several ways of booking a guaranteed band:

1. Online by an application with using the credentials;

2. Online by a booking motion – send us an email;

3. By phone or a text message, touching with us directly.

NewsSpotter is the integrated service which uses an ultra-compact kit of small satellite antennas – easy in installation at each location. There are available the fully – automatic antennas and the antennas for manual tuning which are available in specially designed Evercast suitcases.

When you book 10Mbps upload bandwidth, you will get that: no less no more, only as much as you need. Every Client of Evercast receives free access to the application which allows him to manage his services and guaranteed bandwidth NewsSpotter. NewsSpotter service is entirely based on IP protocol making it ideal for the implementation of many fast connections. The service is compatible with all kinds of IP codecs for an image and the sound.


Easy in use application to book the band online.

NewsSpotter bandwidth can be booked online using the self-service application. Simply log into your account, choose the terminal, specify the location, duration and speed of transmission on the  upload and download.