Guaranteed satellite broadband NewsSpotter for transmission in Full HD


The end of the world, where the networks operators are beyond the range, but also the heart of the city, where too many networks cause huge interruptions. For us it’s not a problem.

First and foremost, Evercast gives you access to a professional service of guaranteed satellite broadband NewsSpotter, thanks to it you will make a broadcast. The service is dedicated to TV and radio stations as well as to the companies which provide LIVE transmissions. NewsSpotter is guaranteed broadband on demand at any time, from any place in Europe. There is no subscription. NewsSpotter broadband is dedicated and available only to you.

Evercast means access to the devices essential during a satellite transmission: satellite autopointing antennas as well as satellite manual antennas in a practical Evercase suitcase. For the demanding we provide a fully equipped SNG vehicle. Moreover, we provide reliable encoders and decoders which work stably with the satellite technology.

Finally, Evercast is support for our Clients and Partners. We secure help for each of our Clients at every stage of our cooperation. We strongly believe that a process of sale lasts also after a service or a device. This is our commitment not marketing.

With Evercast help you make a transmission in your own way. You do that in the HD resolution.


This is Evercast, which means the Live transmissions from any place.


Let’s get to know us on the following pages. If you need some advice, or you do not know or understand something,  then call us, write us, or fill in the form – simply contact us and we will try to resolve any doubts.


Why Evercast? That is why:

  1. Reliability and certainty of the transmission in each quality. Evercast is the guaranteed and dedicated satellite broadband destined especially for your event. You are certain that your transmission will not be interrupted, will not lose the quality, or will be cut out  because of other network priorities. 

  2. Guaranteed high quality bandwidth. We give you exactly as much as you need. You do not have to book more because other say “ to obtain what you plan we are providing you in broadband up to X Mbps”. We provide you exactly with the broadband you want to use and you do not need to pay for more because the satellite broadband is booked especially for you. 

  3. Fast realization. Book and go. We need the time only to reach the destination point, where you want to make your LIVE broadcast. There is no need to build or check the existing infrastructure. Any additional equipment is useless.  The address of a place where you want to stream is the only information we need from you.

  4. Attractive price. Making a LIVE transmission in HD quality, we offer you attractive and beneficial prices with the access to the innovative technology. 

We enhance to visit us cause we are still upgrading our website. Soon you will find here more information.