Evercast - quaranteed broadband for any LIVE transmission, even in HD quality. Events and news. Mobile internet everywhere and autopointing antennas. Evercase


Evercast is an excellent solution for the widely understood event branch, therefore if you represent one of the areas below, Evercast is for you:

  1. Events agencies
  2. PR agencies
  3. Organizers of any events
  4. Clients
  5. Technical support for events

The usage of Evercast depends only on your imagination. Although we have already gained experience in LIVE transmissions we are open and enthusiastic about your propositions of events we could support. We share our realizations below:

  1. LIVE HD video transmissions from congresses, conferences, debates etc. to the Internet on the official site of the congresses, conferences etc.
  2. LIVE HD transmissions from the interviews – a reception during an event, on the Internet.
  3. LIVE HD transmissions from sports and musical events.
  4. LIVE HD transmissions from draws, announcements of results, competitions adjudicates.
  5. Transmissions from the ceremonial gala events to the Internet.
  6. LIVE HD video communication and interaction between the events occurs at the same time in different places.
  7. LIVE interaction between the offline events and online surfers (games, contests).
  8. Video – conferences in a company (divisions in different cities in Poland).

Remember. Evercast means LIVE HD transmissions from any place.

Do you need more information? If you think that we can help you – contact us. We will do our best to offer the most suitable solution for your transmission.