Evercast - quaranteed broadband for any LIVE transmission, even in HD quality. Events and news. Mobile internet everywhere and autopointing antennas. Evercase


Evercast is an excellent solution for the widely understood media: TV stations, radio, the reporters crews, or streaming companies. It allows for fast and affordable LIVE HD transmission.

Reporters who are working in the field are independent, they are able to connect quickly and efficiently  without any problems with the central office to report LIVE from the place of occurrence. By pressing only one button, the terminal can be set up anywhere in an average time of 2 minutes. It includes: deployment, auto pointing and connection. There is no need for intervention of the satellite operator – a reporter is able to establish a connection  with a studio on his own.

The Evarcast service based on  the satellite technology opens new opportunities in relation of events:

1. Independent from the local infrastructure.

2. Reliable, which guarantees certainty of the transmission.

3. Guaranteed. Broadband from 1 Mbps up to 10 Mbps upload during the transmission is only yours and you do not have to share your bandwith with anyone.

4. Fast realization.

5. Beneficial and unrivalled price.


If you are the representatives of the  mass media, Evercast is exactly for you.


We offer you a complex service:

  • Reservation of the guaranteed satellite broadband
  • Leasing of the mSNG vehicle